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The Schilizzi Foundation
The Schilizzi Foundation
Special Awards / Hardship Grants
Available 2019-2020 - For Greek Students studying in the United Kingdom.
Awards are normally made to Greek Nationals pursuing degree courses or vocational training in Great Britain where there is shown to be real need of financial assistance. Such help may be with books, tuition fees and living expenses. Priority is given to undergraduates in their final year of study and in circumstances of unforeseen hardship. At this time PhD students are not eligible.
Applications to the Secretary:
via contact page.
Origin and Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation was formed under the Trusts of the Will of the late Madam Helena Venisélos (née Schilizzi) as a memorial to herself and her late husband, Elefthérios Venisélos, the former Premier of Greece. It was established as a Scheme under the Charities Act 1960 by order of the Minister of Education on 23rd October 1963 and is registered with the Charity Commission. The prime object of the Foundation is the advancement of education amongst Greek nationals in Great Britain. The Trustees have the discretion to assist Greek students to pursue their studies in Great Britain and also the children of Greek nationals resident in Great Britain.

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